Employee Scheduling App

The first of its kind, NeatPocket turns the laborious and time consuming task of schedule making into a fast and enjoyable experience.

What is NeatPocket?

The most advanced and the first if its kind, NeatPocket is an employee scheduling app that allows you to easily create and communicate schedules to managers and employees, and much more! Send invites, monitor labor costs, communicate BEOs, and adjust schedules in realtime with interactive calendars.

Check Your Schedule on Your iPhone or Android

Are you an employee looking for easier access to your work schedules? Get access to your schedule anytime using your iphone or android phone. Get emails, texts, and phone alerts with schedule information and updates. Use NeatPocket to make requests and updates without the hassle.

What Makes NeatPocket Different?

NeatPocket was developed as an iPad app with all the conveniences of app technologies, like and drag and drop and other touch based functionality. It is also designed specifically for scheduling needs.

Years of feedback from managers and employees were used to put together the blueprint, and it was built from the ground up with the most modern mobile technologies available today.

Save Time, Headache, and Automate Your Scheduling Task for a Small Monthly Fee

For chains and business’ please email support@neatpocket.com for special rates.


NeatPocket was designed to accommodate the scheduling needs of most any business, regardless of size and complexity.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

NeatPocket was developed for the iPad, but can be accessed across multiple devices and platforms. You can use your iPhone or Android phone by downloading the app, or access via the web.

Interactive Calendars

Enjoy interactive schedules and calendars with NeatPocket. Make your scheduling task easier and enjoyable with touch-based features. Simply drag-and-drop names into time slots, or tap the day on the calendar to edit.

Automated Communication

Tired of the constant phone calls from employees and peers asking about the schedule, or receiving schedule requests? Communication is done automatically through the NeatPocket app. No more calls with questions or requests. Simple approve, send, receive, and create with the touch of your fingers.

Upload to Google Calendar

With NeatPocket, you can integrate your work schedule with your google calendar.

Paperless Schedule

Save money, reduce waste and go green with NeatPocket. Send and view schedules electronically on your iPad, iPhone, Android device, or computer. No need to print your schedule on paper and post on your wall. It is right in your pocket with NeatPocket.






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